Transformers Mottos (G1 US & European)

Version 1.00

NameRangeAllegianceYearToy TypeSub-GroupMotto
Optimus PrimeHasbro G1Autobot1984IndividualLeaderFreedom is the right of all sentient beings.
ProwlHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarLogic is the ultimate weapon.
WheeljackHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarNever do what your enemy expects you to do.
JazzHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarDo it with style or don't bother doing it.
IronhideHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarHigh tech circuitry is no replacement for guts.
MirageHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarWho and what I am I hide from the enemy.
TrailbreakerHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarAn Autobot's as good as the fuel in his tank.
HoundHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarObserve everything, remember even more.
SideswipeHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarI don't break rules, I bend them - a lot.
BluestreakHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarI never met a Decepticon I didn't dislike.
SunstreakerHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarThey can't beat the best.
RatchetHasbro G1Autobot1984CarRobot CarYou break it, I'll remake it.
GearsHasbro G1Autobot1984Mini AutobotMini CarNobody wins a war - somebody loses.
HufferHasbro G1Autobot1984Mini AutobotMini CarMolecular structure is the key to success.
WindchargerHasbro G1Autobot1984Mini AutobotMini CarQuick action equals quick victory.
BumblebeeHasbro G1Autobot1984Mini AutobotMini CarThe least likely can be the most dangerous.
CliffjumperHasbro G1Autobot1984Mini AutobotMini CarStrike first, strike fast, strike hard.
BrawnHasbro G1Autobot1984Mini AutobotMini CarMight over microchips.
MegatronHasbro G1Decepticon1984IndividualLeaderPeace through tyranny.
StarscreamHasbro G1Decepticon1984JetStrike PlaneConquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies.
SkywarpHasbro G1Decepticon1984JetStrike PlaneStrike when the enemy isn't looking.
ThundercrackerHasbro G1Decepticon1984JetStrike PlaneThe deadliest weapon is terror.
SoundwaveHasbro G1Decepticon1984Cassette DeckCommunicatorCries and screams are music to my ears.
RavageHasbro G1Decepticon1984CassetteSpy CassetteToday's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal.
BuzzsawHasbro G1Decepticon1984CassetteSpy CassetteMy bite is worse than my bark.
LaserbeakHasbro G1Decepticon1984CassetteSpy CassetteThe only point I like in Autobots: melting point.
FrenzyHasbro G1Decepticon1984CassetteSpy CassetteSow panic and surrender will bloom.
RumbleHasbro G1Decepticon1984CassetteSpy CassetteDestroy what's below and what's above will follow.
JetfireHasbro G1Autobot1985IndividualAir GuardianAmong mysteries of science lies the key to victory.
Omega SupremeHasbro G1Autobot1985IndividualCity/BaseUnyielding resolve has no conqueror.
BlasterHasbro G1Autobot1985Cassette DeckCommunicatorWhen the music is rockin', I'm rollin'.
PerceptorHasbro G1Autobot1985IndividualScientistOne's ultimate truth lies in one's molecular structure.
WhirlHasbro G1Autobot1985Deluxe VehicleDeluxe VehicleIf used logically, madness makes a great weapon.
RoadbusterHasbro G1Autobot1985Deluxe VehicleDeluxe VehicleWar is a dirty business... and I'm as dirty as they come.
GrimlockHasbro G1Autobot1985DinobotDinobotAmong the winners, there is no room for the weak.
SwoopHasbro G1Autobot1985DinobotDinobotFear can hit targets unreachable to bullets.
SlagHasbro G1Autobot1985DinobotDinobotI have no need for friends, even less for enemies.
SnarlHasbro G1Autobot1985DinobotDinobotOnly in war is there happiness.
SludgeHasbro G1Autobot1985DinobotDinobotStomp your enemy, crush him under your feet.
TracksHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarLooking good is what life is all about.
GrappleHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarBeauty is in everything except war.
InfernoHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarWhere there's smoke, there's me.
SkidsHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarDeep down, we are more like than unlike humans.
HoistHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarYou have to be rolling before you can be fighting.
Red AlertHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarCaution can never be overused.
SmokescreenHasbro G1Autobot1985CarRobot CarA look can be deceiving; a touch can be lethal.
TopspinHasbro G1Autobot1985JumpstarterJumpstarterThe thrill is in the journey.
TwintwistHasbro G1Autobot1985JumpstarterJumpstarterWar is wherever I want it to be.
WarpathHasbro G1Autobot1985Mini AutobotMini-VehicleA good shot is worth more than a good intention.
CosmosHasbro G1Autobot1985Mini AutobotMini-VehicleReach for the stars, but never leave your friends.
PowerglideHasbro G1Autobot1985Mini AutobotMini-VehicleTo stop me, you have to catch me first.
SeasprayHasbro G1Autobot1985Mini AutobotMini-VehicleBe unyielding as the ocean waves and your enemies shall fall.
BeachcomberHasbro G1Autobot1985Mini AutobotMini-VehicleKnow the conflict within before facing the conflict without.
ShockwaveHasbro G1Decepticon1985IndividualCommanderClarity of thought before rashness of action.
AstrotrainHasbro G1Decepticon1985Triple ChangerTriple ChangerIn confusion there is opportunity.
BlitzwingHasbro G1Decepticon1985Triple ChangerTriple ChangerDestroy first, think later.
RamjetHasbro G1Decepticon1985JetStrike PlaneIf it flies, crash it!
DirgeHasbro G1Decepticon1985JetStrike PlaneFear is the element that unites all losers.
ThrustHasbro G1Decepticon1985JetStrike PlaneMy engines' roar is my enemies' song of doom!
HookHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconStrive for perfection even if others must suffer.
MixmasterHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconHow strong the steel, how quick the conquest.
ScrapperHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconMy work is a monument to - and of - my enemies.
Long HaulHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconA battle front is only as good as its supply line.
BonecrusherHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconHit it till it stands no taller than dust.
ScavengerHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconEverything is worth something, even me.
DevastatorHasbro G1Decepticon1985CombinerConstructiconThinking and winning do not mix.
ShrapnelHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonInsecticonControl electricity and you control the world.
BombshellHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonInsecticonThe mind is my playpen.
KickbackHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonInsecticonFriend is another word for fool.
VenomHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonDeluxe InsecticonFriends are more dangerous than enemies.
BarrageHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonDeluxe InsecticonNothing left standing means nothing left to change.
Chop ShopHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonDeluxe InsecticonI take no prisoners, just spare parts.
RansackHasbro G1Decepticon1985InsecticonDeluxe InsecticonThe sight of ruin only makes me crave more.
MetroplexHasbro G1Autobot1986IndividualCity/BaseVigilance is the foundation on which victories are built.
SkylinxHasbro G1Autobot1986IndividualSpace ShuttleThe best achievements are worth repeating.
Ultra MagnusHasbro G1Autobot1986IndividualCity CommanderConsistency is victory.
Rodimus PrimeHasbro G1Autobot1986IndividualLeaderExperience is the benchmark of maturity.
Wreck-GarHasbro G1Autobot1986IndividualJunkionCollect and save, collect and save.
BroadsideHasbro G1Autobot1986Triple ChangerTriple ChangerI like the sea far away and my feet on the ground.
SandstormHasbro G1Autobot1986Triple ChangerTriple ChangerWhen the smoke clears, I've cleared out.
SpringerHasbro G1Autobot1986Triple ChangerTriple ChangerStrength is more than physical.
BlurrHasbro G1Autobot1986CarRobot CarThe faster it is, the better I like it.
Hot RodHasbro G1Autobot1986CarRobot CarMy actions speak louder than words.
KupHasbro G1Autobot1986CarRobot CarThe past is the greatest teacher.
HotspotHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerProtectobotRust never sleeps, and neither do I.
BladesHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerProtectobotWar's a dirty game - and I'm a dirty player!
First AidHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerProtectobotAn ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of cure.
GrooveHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerProtectobotWar is a problem, never a solution.
StreetwiseHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerProtectobotYou have to know where you are before you know what to do.
DefensorHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerProtectobotAs long as one innocent being is threatened, none are truly free.
SilverboltHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerAerialbotDon't look down, look straight ahead.
Air RaidHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerAerialbotIf you look first, you may not leap.
FireflightHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerAerialbotWhen I'm flying, no enemy is safe - nor friend.
SkydiveHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerAerialbotOnly by studying the past can we win the present.
SlingshotHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerAerialbotI'm even better than I think.
SuperionHasbro G1Autobot1986CombinerAerialbotTo live is to fight; to die is to stop.
HubcapHasbro G1Autobot1986Mini AutobotMini-VehicleWeapons can win battles, but words can win wars.
OutbackHasbro G1Autobot1986Mini AutobotMini-VehicleRules are detours on the road of life.
PipesHasbro G1Autobot1986Mini AutobotMini-VehicleOne being's junk is another's art.
SwerveHasbro G1Autobot1986Mini AutobotMini-VehicleMolecular structure is the window to understanding.
WheelieHasbro G1Autobot1986Mini AutobotMini-VehicleOnly the fierce shall live.
TailgateHasbro G1Autobot1986Mini AutobotMini-VehicleLet my fellow mechanical beings go!
RamhornHasbro G1Autobot1986CassetteMini-CassetteFlee before me or else you'll fall before me.
EjectHasbro G1Autobot1986CassetteMini-CassetteClutch hitting is the key to an effective offense.
RewindHasbro G1Autobot1986CassetteMini-CassetteToo much information is never enough.
SteeljawHasbro G1Autobot1986CassetteMini-CassetteWhat the eyes don't see, the nose knows.
TrypticonHasbro G1Decepticon1986IndividualCity/BaseTotal victory requires total destruction.
GalvatronHasbro G1Decepticon1986IndividualCity CommanderMy power is everything; defeat is absurd!
CyclonusHasbro G1Decepticon1986JetStrike PlaneCompassion is the Autobots' downfall.
ScourgeHasbro G1Decepticon1986JetStrike PlaneDesolation follows in my trail.
GnawHasbro G1Decepticon1986IndividualSharkticonI live for the taste of an Autobot's fuel line!
OctaneHasbro G1Decepticon1986Triple ChangerTriple ChangerHe who has fuel, has power.
RunaboutHasbro G1Decepticon1986Battle ChargersBattle ChargersA pretty car makes an even prettier wreck.
RunamuckHasbro G1Decepticon1986Battle ChargersBattle ChargersThe road is my playpen; cars are my toys!
ReflectorHasbro G1Decepticon1986IndividualReconnaissanceSee and you can know, know and you can destroy.
DivebombHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerPredaconConquer the skies and below you will fall.
HeadstrongHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerPredaconThe best advice is not to listen to advice.
RampageHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerPredaconThose who conquer, act; those who are conquered, think!
RazorclawHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerPredaconAll good things succumb to those who wait.
TantrumHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerPredaconAnger gets me running better than any other fuel.
PredakingHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerPredaconDestroy first, ask questions later.
RatbatHasbro G1Decepticon1986CassetteMini-CassetteThe road is my dinner plate.
MotormasterHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerStunticonThese wheels are made for crushing.
BreakdownHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerStunticonKeep your optical sensors to yourself.
Dead EndHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerStunticonWe are all just food for rust.
DragstripHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerStunticonThe first one to cross the finish line lives!
WildriderHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerStunticonEither you're out of my way or you're out of luck.
MenasorHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerStunticonLeave no Autobot uncrushed.
OnslaughtHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerCombaticonThe mind is the greatest weapon.
Blast OffHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerCombaticonI destroy Autobots by choice, not command.
BrawlHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerCombaticonI was built to be wild.
SwindleHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerCombaticonMake deals, not war.
VortexHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerCombaticonI'm Vortex, fly me - if you dare!
BruticusHasbro G1Decepticon1986CombinerCombaticonThe road to conquest is paved with Autobot wrecks.
Fortress Maximus / CerebrosHasbro G1Autobot1987HeadmasterCity/BasePrepare for war, but strive for peace.
Brainstorm / ArcanaHasbro G1Autobot1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterThe strongest tyrant cannot crush freedom of thought.
Chromedome / StylorHasbro G1Autobot1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterA battle plan is only as good as its programmer.
Hardhead / DurosHasbro G1Autobot1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterIt's either MY way - or NO way!
Highbrow / GortHasbro G1Autobot1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterWar is the playground of the ignorant.
Blurr / HaywireHasbro G1Autobot1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterThe faster it is, the better I like it.
Hot Rod / FireboltHasbro G1Autobot1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterMy actions speak louder than words.
Kup / RecoilHasbro G1Autobot1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterThe past is the greatest teacher.
Crosshairs / PinpointerHasbro G1Autobot1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterDon't shoot until you see the wires in their eyes.
Pointblank / PeacemakerHasbro G1Autobot1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterBe brief of speech and long on action.
Sureshot / SpoilsportHasbro G1Autobot1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterBelieving in yourself improves your aim better than target practice.
DoublecrossHasbro G1Autobot1987MonsterbotMonsterbotDecepticon destruction is my favorite sport... and mine, too.
GrotesqueHasbro G1Autobot1987MonsterbotMonsterbotIf it ain't fun to do, it ain't worth doing.
RepugnusHasbro G1Autobot1987MonsterbotMonsterbotNo job is too disgusting to disgust me.
FastlaneHasbro G1Autobot1987CloneCloneEither you're out of my way or out of luck.
CloudrakerHasbro G1Autobot1987CloneCloneGravity is the chain that binds us all.
Punch-CounterpunchHasbro G1Autobot1987CarDoublespyIn my business, there are no friends, only suspects.
ScattershotHasbro G1Autobot1987CombinerTechnobotDecepticons are like rust spots - they're ugly and they can pop up anywhere.
AfterburnerHasbro G1Autobot1987CombinerTechnobotFollowing leaders leads nowhere.
LightspeedHasbro G1Autobot1987CombinerTechnobotSpace travel is the only flight to freedom
NoseconeHasbro G1Autobot1987CombinerTechnobotIt's not who's the fastest; it's who reaches the finish line.
StrafeHasbro G1Autobot1987CombinerTechnobotShoot everywhere - since that's where the enemies are.
ComputronHasbro G1Autobot1987CombinerTechnobotComplete data analysis is essential for the synthesis of successful strategy.
ChaseHasbro G1Autobot1987Mini AutobotThrottlebotHunters drive; targets park.
FreewayHasbro G1Autobot1987Mini AutobotThrottlebotWords can cut deeper than steel.
GoldbugHasbro G1Autobot1987Mini AutobotThrottlebotTo know others you must know yourself first.
RollbarHasbro G1Autobot1987Mini AutobotThrottlebotWhen the going gets tough, the tough get driving!
SearchlightHasbro G1Autobot1987Mini AutobotThrottlebotSeeing is, by itself, not enough for believing.
WideloadHasbro G1Autobot1987Mini AutobotThrottlebotLook good and you'll have the world in your pocket.
Scorponok / ZarakHasbro G1Decepticon1987HeadmasterCity/BaseKindness is no virtue... and cruelty is no vice.
Mindwipe / VorathHasbro G1Decepticon1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterJust one look from me and you've lost.
Skullcruncher / GraxHasbro G1Decepticon1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterAutobots are like bad fuel - weak and greasy.
Weirdwolf / MonzoHasbro G1Decepticon1987HeadmasterLarge HeadmasterMy pleasure with my enemy's pain comes.
Apeface / SpasmaHasbro G1Decepticon1987HeadmasterHorrorconObnoxiousness is not a problem, it is an art.
Snapdragon / KrunkHasbro G1Decepticon1987HeadmasterHorrorconIf it doesn't get you dirty, it's not worth doing.
Misfire / AimlessHasbro G1Decepticon1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterKeep shooting, eventually, you're bound to hit something.
Slugslinger / CaliburstHasbro G1Decepticon1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterThe only way to survive a duel with me is to not show up.
Triggerhappy / BlowpipeHasbro G1Decepticon1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterHave gun, have fun!
Cyclonus / NightstickHasbro G1Decepticon1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterCompassion is the Autobots' downfall.
Scourge / FracasHasbro G1Decepticon1987TargetmasterLarge TargetmasterDesolation follows in my trail.
SixshotHasbro G1Decepticon1987Six ChangerSix ChangerLife is worth living only as long as there are enemies worth destroying.
PounceHasbro G1Decepticon1987CloneCloneTerror is the stage on which I perform.
WingspanHasbro G1Decepticon1987CloneCloneKnowledge is the most deadly weapon of all.
BattletrapHasbro G1Decepticon1987DuoconDuoconWe're only halves of a whole, but double the trouble.
FlywheelsHasbro G1Decepticon1987DuoconDuoconBelieve in yourself, but only if you both agree.
Hun-GurrrHasbro G1Decepticon1987CombinerTerrorconEat only what you need - destroy the rest.
BlotHasbro G1Decepticon1987CombinerTerrorconI'm not as bad as I look - I'm worse.
CutthroatHasbro G1Decepticon1987CombinerTerrorconCompassion is the currency of losers.
RippersnapperHasbro G1Decepticon1987CombinerTerrorconAutobots are an error I intend to correct.
SinnertwinHasbro G1Decepticon1987CombinerTerrorconThe sound of ripping metal is music to my audio modules.
SlugfestHasbro G1Decepticon1987CassetteDino-CassetteExpect betrayal and your friends won't disappoint you.
OverkillHasbro G1Decepticon1987CassetteDino-CassetteToo much destruction is never enough.
Optimus PrimeHasbro G1Autobot1988IndividualPowermasterFreedom is the right of all sentient beings.
GetawayHasbro G1Autobot1988PowermasterPowermasterRun hot, but always keep your cool.
JoyrideHasbro G1Autobot1988PowermasterPowermasterEnjoy each moment like it's your last
SlapdashHasbro G1Autobot1988PowermasterPowermasterSometimes, if you wait long enough, problems solve themselves.
QuickswitchHasbro G1Autobot1988Six ChangerSix ChangerA confused enemy is a defeated enemy.
HoseheadHasbro G1Autobot1988HeadmasterSmall HeadmasterIf at first you don't succeed, keep trying.
NightbeatHasbro G1Autobot1988HeadmasterSmall HeadmasterTruth is revealed in the smallest detail.
SirenHasbro G1Autobot1988HeadmasterSmall HeadmasterAct first, ask questions later.
Landfill / Silencer / FlintlockHasbro G1Autobot1988TargetmasterSmall TargetmasterAdventure is found in unlikely places
Quickmix / Ricochet / BoomerHasbro G1Autobot1988TargetmasterSmall TargetmasterThe faster it is, the better I like it.
Scoop / Tracer / HolepunchHasbro G1Autobot1988TargetmasterSmall TargetmasterGenerosity has its own rewards.
FizzleHasbro G1Autobot1988Mini AutobotSparkabotPlanning a battle is ten times more important than fighting it
GuzzleHasbro G1Autobot1988Mini AutobotSparkabotIt's better to have fought and lost than never to have fought at all.
SizzleHasbro G1Autobot1988Mini AutobotSparkabotLife in the fast lane is the only life worth living.
BackstreetHasbro G1Autobot1988TriggerbotTriggerbotA moment of indecision can be your last.
DogfightHasbro G1Autobot1988TriggerbotTriggerbotDon't fire 'til you see the lights of their eyes.
OverrideHasbro G1Autobot1988TriggerbotTriggerbotLet your actions do your talking and no one will misunderstand you.
Grand SlamHasbro G1Autobot1988Cassette CombinerMini-CassetteThe sounds of war are history speaking.
RaindanceHasbro G1Autobot1988Cassette CombinerMini-CassetteEvery picture tells a story.
CloudburstHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderLarge PretenderYou can't tell a bot by his cover!
LandmineHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderLarge PretenderThe greatest treasures are found in the darkest places
WaveriderHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderLarge PretenderFreedom for all starts with freedom of navigation.
GroundbreakerHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderLarge PretenderThe first one in is the first to win!
Sky HighHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderLarge PretenderImagination is the key that unlocks the chains of reality
SplashdownHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderLarge PretenderOutflank your enemy and you won't have to outgun him.
CatillaHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderPretender BeastStalk before you strike.
ChainclawHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderPretender BeastThe only thing for certain is uncertainty.
GunrunnerHasbro G1Autobot1988PretenderPretender VehicleThe truth wrapped in a lie is still a lie.
DoubledealerHasbro G1Decepticon1988IndividualPowermasterThe price of victory is never too high.
DarkwingHasbro G1Decepticon1988PowermasterPowermasterThings are never as bad as they seem - usually they're worse.
DreadwindHasbro G1Decepticon1988PowermasterPowermasterFear is a friend whose presence is felt long after he's left.
Fangry / BriskoHasbro G1Decepticon1988HeadmasterSmall HeadmasterLeaders are for fools who need to follow.
Horri-Bull / KrebHasbro G1Decepticon1988HeadmasterSmall HeadmasterSmash all that stands and trample the rest.
Squeezeplay / LokosHasbro G1Decepticon1988HeadmasterSmall HeadmasterPlace brawn before brains and victory is yours.
Needlenose / Zigzag / SunbeamHasbro G1Decepticon1988TargetmasterSmall TargetmasterGet hip or get hit!
Quake / Tiptop / HeaterHasbro G1Decepticon1988TargetmasterSmall TargetmasterNothing lasts forever… so why not destroy it now?
Spinister / Singe / HairsplitterHasbro G1Decepticon1988TargetmasterSmall TargetmasterRespect your foes' abilities as you would your own.
CindersaurHasbro G1Decepticon1988FireconFireconCrash and burn… and burn… and burn.
FlamefeatherHasbro G1Decepticon1988FireconFireconThe only good Autobot is a deactivated Autobot.
SparkstalkerHasbro G1Decepticon1988FireconFireconThe smallest details reveal the largest secrets.
CrankcaseHasbro G1Decepticon1988TriggerconTriggerconThings are never as good as they seem.
RuckusHasbro G1Decepticon1988TriggerconTriggerconI take a licking and keep on kicking.
WindsweeperHasbro G1Decepticon1988TriggerconTriggerconUninvited guests soon become smouldering wrecks.
SnaptrapHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconBroken Autobots never mend.
NautilatorHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconBlame someone else before they blame you.
OverbiteHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconThere are only two kinds of creatures: predator and prey.
SeawingHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconThe darkest depths reveal the darkest secrets.
SkalorHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconI stink, therefore I am.
TentakilHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconEmbrace your enemies… until they're terminated.
PiranaconHasbro G1Decepticon1988CombinerSeaconUnderwater, no one can hear you scream.
SquawktalkHasbro G1Decepticon1988Cassette CombinerMini-CassetteIf you have nothing interesting to say, say it anwyay.
BeastboxHasbro G1Decepticon1988Cassette CombinerMini-CassetteSpeak now if you intend to ever speak at all.
Bomb-BurstHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderLarge PretenderThe greater the foe, the sweeter his fuel.
SkullgrinHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderLarge PretenderThose who stand against me shall soon fall before me!
SubmarauderHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderLarge PretenderConquer the seas and the rest will fall.
BuglyHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderLarge PretenderThe greatest power is the power to control.
FinbackHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderLarge PretenderAshes to ashes, rust to rust.
IguanusHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderLarge PretenderSow the seeds of fear and victory is yours.
CarnivacHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderPretender BeastA cunning smile is more devastating than the fiercest weapon.
SnarlerHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderPretender BeastStealing isn't a crime, getting caught is.
RoadgrabberHasbro G1Decepticon1988PretenderPretender VehicleDestruction has a beauty all its own.
CountdownHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterCity/BaseFor a world without evil, you need a universe without evil.
GroundshakerHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterCity/BaseA life without risk is a life without reward.
Hot HouseHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle StationCommunication is the key that unlocks victory.
IronworksHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle StationStrong support needs good foundation.
ErectorHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterTransportEveryone loses if there's nothing to win.
OverloadHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterTransportKnow your enemy and he's yours.
Off Road PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterOff Road PatrolDon't follow orders, follow instincts.
PowertrainHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterOff Road PatrolIf I can't go through it, I go over it.
HighjumpHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterOff Road PatrolKeep it down and dirty.
MudslingerHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterOff Road PatrolNo road is too rough, no foe too tough.
ToteHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterOff Road PatrolA rolling Autobot gathers the most Decepticons.
Race Car PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRace Car PatrolIn confusion there is opportunity.
RoadhandlerHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRace Car PatrolUnwary warriors soon become wrecks.
Free WheelerHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRace Car PatrolAvoid the potholes on the road of life.
SwindlerHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRace Car PatrolBurn rubber, not energon.
TailspinHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRace Car PatrolPut the pedal to the metal.
Battle PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle PatrolIt is better to strike first, than to not strike at all!
Big ShotHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle PatrolOne good shot is worth a hundred bad ones!
FlakHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle PatrolGood luck is the residue of good planning.
SidetrackHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle PatrolA battle that isn't worth winnin' isn't worth fightin'!
SunrunnerHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterBattle PatrolRule the skies and the ground will bow before you.
Rescue PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRescue PatrolTrue victory can only lie in the ability to locate and mend the injured.
FixitHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRescue PatrolThe worst wrecks are my best patients.
Red HotHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRescue PatrolThe hotter things get, the better I like it!
SeawatchHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRescue PatrolWithout freedom of the seas, there is no freedom!
StakeoutHasbro G1Autobot1989MicromasterRescue PatrolSometimes you must go outside the law to enforce it!
SkyhammerHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderUltra PretenderThere is no disgrace in not succeeding, only in not trying.
CrossbladesHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderMega PretenderA warrior is only as good as his weapons.
VroomHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderMega PretenderDon't take a chance if you don't stand a chance.
BumblebeeHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderPretender ClassicThe least likely can be the most dangerous.
GrimlockHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderPretender ClassicAmong the winners, there is no room for the weak.
JazzHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderPretender ClassicDo it with style or don't bother doing it.
DoubleheaderHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderSmall PretenderBurn, baby, burn!
LongtoothHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderSmall PretenderThe greatest truths lie at the greatest depths.
PincherHasbro G1Autobot1989PretenderSmall PretenderBe humble of word, but great in deed.
SkystalkerHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterCity/BaseTerror reigns from the skies, the hapless rule on the ground.
SkyhopperHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterCity/BaseThe bigger the boom, the better I like it.
AirwaveHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterBattle StationMy price is too high and you're going to pay.
GreasepitHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterBattle StationAn engine is only as powerful as the fuel that runs it.
FlattopHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterTransportTerror is the ultimate weapon.
RoughstuffHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterTransportShoot first, aim later.
Air Strike PatrolHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterAir Strike PatrolThe more tightly you hold a secret, the more we like ripping it away.
WhisperHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterAir Strike PatrolUndetected in flight; undefeated in fight.
NightflightHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterAir Strike PatrolI prey like a vulture in the night.
Storm CloudHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterAir Strike PatrolThe air is my playground.
TailwindHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterAir Strike PatrolRevenge is sweet, victory is sweeter.
Sports Car PatrolHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterSports Car PatrolIt takes force to push back the enemy, but speed clears the way!
BlackjackHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterSports Car PatrolThe road to victory is paved with Autobot wrecks!
DetourHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterSports Car PatrolTo flee before overwhelming odds is no vice; to stay and be smashed is not virtue!
HyperdriveHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterSports Car PatrolWhenever I drive, the highway becomes a demolition derby!
Road HuggerHasbro G1Decepticon1989MicromasterSports Car PatrolOnly cowards stop at red lights!
RoadblockHasbro G1Decepticon1989PretenderUltra PretenderTo show fear is to admit defeat.
ThunderwingHasbro G1Decepticon1989PretenderMega PretenderCover yourself with lies and no one will find you.
StarscreamHasbro G1Decepticon1989PretenderPretender ClassicConquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies.
BludgeonHasbro G1Decepticon1989PretenderSmall PretenderTo know your own limits, you must first know your foe's limits.
OctopunchHasbro G1Decepticon1989PretenderSmall PretenderAnything that can sink is worth sinking.
StrangleholdHasbro G1Decepticon1989PretenderSmall PretenderRule one is: There are no rules!
BirdbrainHasbro G1Decepticon1989Pretender CombinerPretender MonsterAnyone who is not a predator is considered prey.
BristlebackHasbro G1Decepticon1989Pretender CombinerPretender MonsterYou can't tell a Decepticon by its cover.
IcepickHasbro G1Decepticon1989Pretender CombinerPretender MonsterFrom today's rubble-strewn fields shall emerge a new Decepticon world!
ScowlHasbro G1Decepticon1989Pretender CombinerPretender MonsterControl sound, and the faintest whisper can be the fiercest weapon.
SlogHasbro G1Decepticon1989Pretender CombinerPretender MonsterDestruction is the highest form of art.
WildflyHasbro G1Decepticon1989Pretender CombinerPretender MonsterStrike fear into your enemy, and you've won half the battle.
Battlefield HeadquartersHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterCity/BaseSpeed and power are the driving force for victory!
Missile LauncherHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterCombiner TransportPerseverance leads to triumph.
Tanker TruckHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterCombiner TransportLeave the enemy spitting dust and bolts.
Astro SquadHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAstro SquadThere's no speed like light speed!
Barrage / HeaveHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAstro SquadThere's no speed limit to where we drive.
Moonrock /Missile MasterHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAstro SquadThe price of freedom is always high!
Phaser / Blast MasterHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAstro SquadPeace in space means peace on earth and throughout the universe!
Metro SquadHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMetro SquadProtecting life is the most unselfish act of all!
Oiler / SlideHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMetro SquadWhoever controls energy, controls destiny. 
Power Run / StrikedownHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMetro SquadEither you're an Autobot, or you're nothing.
Wheel Blaze / RoadburnerHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMetro SquadWe're the coolest when things get hot.
Air PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAir PatrolKeep your eye to the sky!
Eagle EyeHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAir PatrolVictory reigns from above.
Blaze MasterHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAir PatrolLook out below.
Sky HighHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAir PatrolThe sky's the limit.
Tread BoltHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterAir PatrolYou can't hit what you can't see.
Construction PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterConstruction PatrolThe foundations of freedom are forged on solid ground.
TakedownHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterConstruction PatrolThere is power in building.
CrumbleHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterConstruction PatrolTo build is to grow.
GroundpounderHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterConstruction PatrolDig in!
NeutroHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterConstruction PatrolBuild it up, before they knock it down.
Hot Rod PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterHot Rod PatrolThe essence of speed relies on our power to perform!
Big DaddyHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterHot Rod PatrolWe can take Decepticons anytime, anywhere!
GreaserHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterHot Rod PatrolI dig watching Decepticons crack up after I cross the finish line first!
HubsHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterHot Rod PatrolI enjoy burnin' rubber over Decepticon metal.
Trip-UpHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterHot Rod PatrolIf you're not driving to win, don't drive at all!
Monster Trucks PatrolHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMonster Trucks PatrolWe're a giant, mobile wall of Autobot might!
HydraulicHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMonster Trucks PatrolHit them hard and they'll fall like rocks!
Big HaulerHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMonster Trucks PatrolThe battle isn't over until the last Decepticon has fallen.
Heavy TreadHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMonster Trucks PatrolI ram Decepticons into the breakdown lane, just for the fun of it!
Slow PokeHasbro G1Autobot1990MicromasterMonster Trucks PatrolToo rough to quit, too tough to lose!
Optimus PrimeHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterIndividualFreedom is the right of all sentient beings.
SprocketHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction VehicleKnow your enemy and victory is yours.
WheeljackHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction VehicleNever do what your enemy expects you to do!
Over-runHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterBlasterI rule the skies with a heavy hand.
ProwlHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterBlasterLogic is the ultimate weapon.
GrimlockHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterAmong the winners, there is no room for the weak.
JazzHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterDo it with style or don't do it at all!
RadHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterThink before you shoot, but shoot before you're shot!
RolloutHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterThe greater the weapon, the greater the power!
BlasterHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterWhen the music is rockin', I'm rollin'.
BumblebeeHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterThe least likely can be the most dangerous.
JackpotHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterYou can't win if you don't play.
MainframeHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterA program is only as good as its programmer.
InfernoHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterWhere there's smoke, there's me.
Kick-OffHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterDraw courage from defeat and you gain more than you lose.
SkyfallHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterFlying is the ultimate freedom.
SnarlHasbro G1Autobot1990Action MasterAction MasterOnly in battle is there true happiness.
Anti-Aircraft BaseHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterCity/BasePersistence is the cornerstone of victory.
Cannon TransportHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterCombiner TransportWe aim for nothing less than total victory!
Battle SquadHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterBattle SquadThe higher they fly, the faster they'll fall!
Direct-Hit / Power PunchHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterBattle SquadStrike hard and fear no one!
Fireshot / VanquishHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterBattle SquadIt's my duty to know the unknown!
Meltdown / HalftrackHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterBattle SquadRamming speed is the only way to travel!
Constructor SquadHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterConstructor SquadThere's nothing like the feel of cold steel!
Sledge / HammerHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterConstructor SquadDumping a world of hurt on the Autobots is our only purpose in life!
Stonecruncher / ExcavatorHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterConstructor SquadThe bigger the Autobot Scrap heap, the greater our success!
Grit / KnockoutHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterConstructor SquadOnly our Decepticon victory is carved in stone!
Race Track PatrolHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterRace Track PatrolThere are two kinds of fighters, Decepticons and losers.
BarricadeHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterRace Track PatrolWinning IS everything!
Ground HogHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterRace Track PatrolThe roar of an engine is music to my ears!
MotorheadHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterRace Track PatrolBurning rubber smells like victory!
RollerforceHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterRace Track PatrolUnless you're behind me, you're in my way!
Military PatrolHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterMilitary PatrolThe ultimate force is the force of destruction.
BombshockHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterMilitary PatrolTake it with force or you'll never take it at all.
DropshotHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterMilitary PatrolHit until it hurts, then hit it again!
GrowlHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterMilitary PatrolIf it moves, crush it!
TracerHasbro G1Decepticon1990MicromasterMilitary PatrolPummel the enemy, and victory is yours.
GutcruncherHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAttack VehicleConquest of the Autobots begins with control of the sky!
MegatronHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAttack VehicleConquest of the universe rests upon the immediate termination of all Autobots!
AxerHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterBlasterNo prey is too large, no fee is too small.
StarscreamHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterBlasterConquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies.
SoundwaveHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAction MasterCries and screams are music to my ears!
TreadshotHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAction MasterA gun is only as good as the one who holds it!
DevastatorHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAction MasterThinking and winning do not mix.
KrokHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAction MasterThe road to conquest is best travelled one step at a time.
Banzai-TronHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAction MasterTo the victor go the profits.
ShockwaveHasbro G1Decepticon1990Action MasterAction MasterClarity of thought before rashness of action.
Omega SpreemHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction Master EliteGrinding Decepticons through my treads is my only objective!
WindmillHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction Master EliteNothing is immune from my radar systems! Nothing!
CircuitHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction MasterWhatever you do, keep rolling!
RumblerHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction MasterA strong defence can crush any offence!
Powerflash / Road RocketHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction MasterThere's no present like time.
Sideswipe / VanguardHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction MasterI don't break rules, I bend them a lot.
Tracks / BasherHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991Action MasterAction MasterLooking good is what life is all about!
FlameHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991MotorvatorMotorvatorToo hot to handle is ice cold to me.
GripperHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991MotorvatorMotorvatorTo go forward across unknown terrain is only the beginning…
LightspeedHasbro Eu G1Autobot1991MotorvatorMotorvatorLight years flash past at mind numbingly sub-atomic speeds.
OverlordHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991IndividualCity/BaseI stand my ground… I accept any challenge… I am hungry for conflict.
Double PunchHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction Master EliteDouble the power means double the destruction!
Turbo MasterHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction Master EliteTo control the sky is to control the ground!
SlicerHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction MasterAnnihilation equals victory!
ThundercrackerHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction MasterThe deadliest weapon is terror.
Bombshell / NeedlerHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction MasterThe mind is my playpen.
Charger / Fire BeastHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction MasterI have no need for friends, even less for enemies.
Take-Off / ScreechHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1991Action MasterAction MasterThere's nothing like dive-bombing Autobots from 60,000 feet!
ThunderclashHasbro Eu G1Autobot1992TurbomasterLarge TurbomasterWe're ready and more than able. Let them throw all they want at us. We stand as one.
RotorstormHasbro Eu G1Autobot1992TurbomasterMedium TurbomasterGet into your enemy's mind. And then beat him at his own evil game.
BossHasbro Eu G1Autobot1992TurbomasterSmall TurbomasterNever underestimate your enemy… he's always worse than you could ever imagine.
FlashHasbro Eu G1Autobot1992TurbomasterSmall TurbomasterDon't blink, I was that blur on the horizon
HurricaneHasbro Eu G1Autobot1992TurbomasterSmall TurbomasterGive it all you've got. There may not be a tomorrow.
ScorchHasbro Eu G1Autobot1992TurbomasterSmall TurbomasterNo-one gets past me. If they know what's good for them.
SkyquakeHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1992PredatorLarge PredatorBreak them, crush them - grind them to dust!
StalkerHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1992PredatorMedium PredatorHate til it hurts and then hate some more.
FalconHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1992PredatorSmall PredatorI despise weakness and spit on compassion
SkydiveHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1992PredatorSmall PredatorTrue cruelty is the highest form of art.
SnareHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1992PredatorSmall PredatorFear? What's fear? It's all fun to me.
TalonHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1992PredatorSmall PredatorDon't get me mad… when I get mad I get even.
PyroHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993ObliteratorObliteratorThink of the most awful, unspeakable menace you can - and then double it. That's what we're up against.
DeftwingHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993LightformerLightformerEvery mission must destroy its evil target. And it's my task to make sure it does.
IronfistHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993LightformerLightformerA brilliantly designed piece of firepower is a work of art to me.
SpeedstreamHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AquaspeederAquaspeederWherever there's trouble that's where we'll be. Giving double the trouble straight back between the eyes!
AquafendHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AquaspeederAquaspeederI know those Decepticons as well as I know myself. They're two-faced, conniving devils - and that's putting it nicely!
DelugeHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AquaspeederAquaspeederIf we don't finish the job and flatten them - we might as well not be in the fight at all.
JetstormHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AquaspeederAquaspeederGive me more action! It's no fun unless I can see the whites of their eyes.
RapidoHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AxeleratorAxeleratorThe deadliest weapon you can have is a sharp mind.
SkramHasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AxeleratorAxeleratorHey, loosen up, guys - saving the universe can't be that big a deal.
Hotrider (Turbofire)Hasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AxeleratorAxeleratorNever give an inch.
Zap (Windbreaker)Hasbro Eu G1Autobot1993AxeleratorAxeleratorI can get you the gen you want - before you even know you need it.
ClenchHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993ObliteratorObliteratorI will not rest until the last Autobot is crushed to nothing and Decepticons rule.
CalcarHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993TrakkonTrakkonIt doesn't matter who suffers, it only matters that evil wins the day.
FearswoopHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993TrakkonTrakkonLet terror and evil reign in the skies - and show no Autobot mercy.
RageHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993StormtrooperStormtrooperIf you're not living in the thick of action - you're not living.
AquablastHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993StormtrooperStormtrooperListen! That's the music of one of my super-tuned, ultra-hot engines! And think what terror it must strike in the hearts of those Autobot cowards…
DrenchHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993StormtrooperStormtrooperA well run campaign is my greatest pleasure.
HydradreadHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993StormtrooperStormtrooperLet me study the battle plans. I'll think up something really unpleasant - and then make it even nastier.
Tornado (Windrazor)Hasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993Sky ScorcherSky ScorcherNo Autobot has the courage to take me on!
Snipe (Afterburner)Hasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993Sky ScorcherSky ScorcherBrute force is not my way. My technology can devise infinitely more successful, subtle and unpleasant methods…
Hawk (Eagle Eye)Hasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993Sky ScorcherSky ScorcherSpy on your enemy and seek out his weaknesses
TerradiveHasbro Eu G1Decepticon1993Sky ScorcherSky ScorcherWhy waste battle time in thinking when you can crash into the action!
JazzHasbro Cla G1Autobot1990CarRobot CarDo it with style or don't bother doing it.
SlingshotHasbro Cla G1Autobot1990CombinerAerialbotI'm even better than I think?
Drag StripHasbro Cla G1Decepticon1990CombinerStunticonThe first one to cross the finish line lives.
SnarlHasbro Cla G1Autobot1991DinobotDinobotOnly in war is there happiness.
OnslaughtHasbro Cla G1Decepticon1991CombinerCombaticonThe mind is the greatest weapon.


  • Toys omitted because they have no Western motto: Omnibots, Abominus, Monstructor.
  • Where Gold Box Classics releases have the same motto as the original release, they have been omitted.